Here at Utility Equipment Service, we are a full-service provider and we’re committed to keeping you and your equipment safe. Our staff of mechanics and technicians are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated to serving all of your mechanical needs. Our mobile service trucks can be dispatched quickly to wherever you are, and we are ready for any equipment emergency. When it’s time to get your machinery inspected, such as your digger truck, UES can conduct your truck’s annual physical inspection (our work is certified), enabling us to service a wide range of utility vehicle makes and models. 

Inspecting your digger truck is critical in keeping your unit in peak condition. Inspection begins with a visual assessment of your unit for cracks and general wear and tear and covers every point on the unit including filter changes and lubrication. When inspecting your digger truck, here is a list of specific things to check for:

Always keep in mind that government regulations require the equipment owner/operator to perform both daily and monthly equipment inspections and maintain the results of those inspections for each digger truck. An annual inspection is also to be performed by a government or private agency that has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor. Utility Equipment Service is fully qualified to assist you in such an annual inspection of your digger truck or other utility equipment and machinery.

Each individual operator should be inspecting the unit they will be operating before it is used. Weekly inspections should also be performed by that operator, while monthly inspections need to be completed by the personnel that is responsible for the maintenance and service of the digger truck. Periodic inspections are thorough inspections done at least every three months and include all items listed, with OSHA requiring that signed and dated records of these are kept.

Our team here at Utility Equipment Service is equipped, skilled, and knowledgeable in all the aspects that pertain to your equipment inspections and maintenance. Call us for periodic inspections and scheduling routine maintenance, as well as repair and replacement of all moving parts for your digger trucks, crane units, and other machinery and equipment.