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Venco Venturo Industries LLC has created a specialized line of high-caliber cranes and hoists for over 50 years and is known throughout the industry as one of the founding members of the NTEA. Their products are rugged, reliable, made in America, and built to last.

Electric Telescopic Truck Cranes (ET Series)

We distribute Venturo equipment which is manufactured in America. All of their products are built with pride by skilled craftsmen, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Venco/Venturo promises you:

Rugged Designs

Reliable performance

Real expertise

Venturo Hydraulic Truck Cranes (HT Series)

Venturo HT cranes offer hydraulic operation of all crane functions (planetary winch, rotation, elevation, and extension), are powered by PTO/pump, and comply with ANSI B30.5 and OSHA 1910.180 safety requirements.

Every Venturo HT crane comes standard with: hexagonal boom construction, hydraulic boom extension, 400-degree power rotation, capacity overload shut-off system, anti-two-blocking system, and load block with swivel hook safety latch.

Click here to download a full brochure of Venturo’s complete line of Hydraulic Cranes

Venturo Mast Cranes

Venturo mast cranes utilize a mast and boom design and provide a high-value, low cost means of lifting loads up to 2,000 lbs. These cranes are ideal for pickups, utility, and platform bodies.

Click here to download Venturo’s full brochure featuring their entire line of Electric Mast Cranes.

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