Digger Derricks

Unit Number: 1697
Chassis Info: 2012 Freightliner SD114
Unit Info: Terex XL 4047
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Unit # 1697

Truck Specs

Year & Make:             2012 Freightliner SD114

VIN#:                          1FVH63DVXCHBR5558

Engine Type:               DD13 Detroit Diesel

Transmission:              Automatic

Truck Hrs:                   9948

Tire Size:                    F385/65r/22.5 R11r.225

Tire Condition:           100%

Paint Color:                 White

Front Axle:                  16,000

Rear Axle:                   20,000 x 2 Axles

Brakes:                        Air

GVWR:                       56,000

Mileage:                      82,864

Body Type:                 Flatbed with Thrubox

Make:                          Terex

S/N:                             2111246027

Model:                         XL 4047

Sheave Height:            47 ft

Boom Capacity:          27,320 lb

Boom Tip Winch:       No

Turret Winch:             Yes

Pole Claws:                 4 Hydraulic

Hydraulic 3rd Section: Yes

Top Controls:              No

Digger Speed:             1 speed

Auger Size:                 18″

Tool Circuit:               Yes

Outriggers:                  4 Hydraulic

Accessories:                AM/FM, A/C, Strobes, Work lights, 20,000 lb. Front Winch

  • Device Manual Provided
  • Lift Meets and/or Exceeds All ANSI Requirements and Truck D.O.T. Inspected
Unit Number: 1609
Chassis Info: 2011 International 4300
Unit Info: Terex Commander C5045
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Unit #1609

Truck Specs

Year & Make: 2011 International 4300


Engine Type: DT466 245 HP

Transmission: 6 Speed Standard

Truck Hrs: 13,134

Tire Size: 11R 22.5

Tire Condition: 60%

Paint Color: White

Front Axle: 12,000

Rear Axle: 21,000

Brakes: Air

GVWR: 33,000

Mileage: 176,717

Body Type:

Make: Terex

S/N: 20511283

Model: Commander C5045

Working Height: 45 Feet

PTO Hrs: N/A

Boom Capacity: 28,690

Boom Tip Winch: No

Turret Winch: No

Pole Claws: Yes

Hydraulic 3rd Section: Yes

Top Controls: No

Digger Speed: 2 Speed

Auger Size: 18″

Tool Circuit: Yes

Outriggers: 4 Hydraulic

Flatbed with Toolbox

AM/FM; A/C; Cruise; Strobes