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Unit Number: 1655
Chassis Info: 2012 Dodge 5500
Unit Info: Switch-N-Go 12-620-15E-PW
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Unit # 1655

Truck Specs


Year & Make:     2012 Dodge 5500

VIN#:    3C7WDMDL2CG339999

Engine Type:      6.7 Cummins

Transmission:    Automatic

Truck Hrs:            1,578

Tire Size:              225/70R/19.5

Tire Condition:  75%

Paint Color:         White

Front Axle:          7,000 lb.

Rear Axle:           13,500 lb.

Brakes: Hyd.

Winch:  N/A

GVWR: 19,500 lb.

Mileage:              59,812

Body Type:          N/A


Make:   Switch-N-Go Gen 1

S/N:       S 6694

Model: 12-620-15E-PW

Working Height:               N/A

PTO Hrs:               N/A

Basket Configuration:     N/A

Tool Circuit:        N/A

Outriggers:         N/A

Insulated Boom:               N/A

Jib/Material Handler:     N/A

Accessories:       AM/FM; A/C; Cruise; Power Windows; Power Mirrors

  • Device Manual Provided
  • Lift Meets and/or Exceeds All ANSI Requirements and Truck D.O.T. Inspected
Unit Number: PT92-7KE
Chassis Info: 2021 Brooks Brothers
Unit Info: Pole Trailer
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Pole Trailer – PT92-7KE

Trailer Specs

Year & Make:     2021 Brooks Brothers

Model:                 PT 92-7KE

Tire Size:              235//80R16 LR-E Tires

Tire Condition:  New

Paint Color:         White

Tandem Axle:    7,000 lbs.

Brakes: Electric (All Wheels)

Length Adjustments: 20’/25’/30’

Cargo Bed:          9’L x 64”W x 15’H

Overall Width:   86”

Bolster Height:  42”

Front Bolster:    45” Wide Tubular Bolster

Center Bolster:  89’

Rear Bolster:      89”

Unit Number: RR-135
Chassis Info: 2020 Roose
Unit Info: Reel Trailer
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Trailer Specs

Year & Make: 2020 Roose
Make: Reel Trailer
Payload: 3500 lbs.
S/N: R10880
Model: RR135
VIN: 595YC1115KM000200
Tire Size: 235-85-R16
Paint Color: Yellow
Reel Diameter: 125”
Axle: Single
Reel Width: 66”
Weight: 1200 lbs.
Overall Length: 130”
Brakes: Electric
Overall Width: 97”

Accessories: Manual Hydraulic Lifting Cylinders (2), Jack Stand

Unit Number: 1626
Chassis Info: 2019 Ford F5500 4X2
Unit Info: Duralift DTAX-39P
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Unit #1626

Truck Specs

Year & Make: 2019 Ford F550 4X2


Engine Type: 6.7 Powerstroke Diesel

Transmission: Automatic

Truck Hrs: 1

Tire Size: 225/70R/19.5

Tire Condition: 100%

Paint Color: White

Front Axle: 7,000

Rear Axle: 14,706

Brakes: Hydraulic

GVWR: 19,500

Mileage: 000066

Body Type: Line/Utility

Accessories: AM/FM, A/C, Receiver

Hitch, Strobes, Window




  • Device Manual Provided
  • Lift Meets and/or Exceeds All ANSI Requirements and Truck D.O.T. Inspected


Make: Duralift

S/N: A11373

Model: DTAX-39P

Working Height: 44 Feet

PTO Hrs: 1 Hour

Basket Configuration: 1 Man

Tool Circuit: Yes

Outriggers: No

Insulated Boom: Yes

Jib/Material Handler: No

Winch: No