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You will always want to be on top of any inspection checks for your cranes and other equipment to guard against unsafe conditions and breakdowns. Several important inspections that should be performed both before and during any operation of these units are:

  • Chassis. Check oil level, battery, lights, and brakes.
  • Tires. Check that they are properly inflated and wheel nuts are not loose.
  • Hydraulic Oil Reservoir. Check oil levels and ensure that there are no leaks.
  • Safety. Check all safety accessories to ensure that oil levels are correct and that every part is functioning correctly. 
  • Structural. Visually inspect the entire crane, looking for damages such as cracks in weldments. 
  • Fasteners. All pins, sheaves, retainers, bolts, and nuts should be inspected for presence and proper tightness. 
  • Sheaves. Look for rope wear, cracking, and condition of bearings if a winch is present. 
  • Hoses and Fittings. Check these for leaks, loose clamps, and abrasion.
  • Crane hooks. Check hooks for safety catch, twist, and opening of hook throat. 
  • Operating Placards and Safety Signs. Look for missing, illegible, or defaced signs and placards.  

Government regulations require that you are to perform both daily and monthly equipment inspections and maintain the results of those inspections for each crane. An annual inspection is also to be performed by a government or private agency that has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor.    

Inspections should be completed each day by the operator before the unit is used. Weekly inspections should also be performed by that operator, while monthly inspections need to be completed by the personnel that is responsible for the maintenance and service of the crane. Periodic inspections are thorough inspections done at least every three months and include all items listed, with OSHA requiring that signed and dated records of these are kept. 

Our team here at Utility Equipment Service is equipped, skilled, and well-informed when it comes to your equipment inspections and maintenance. Call us for periodic inspections and scheduling routine maintenance, as well as repair and replacement of all moving parts for your crane units, trucks, and other machinery and equipment.