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Your bucket truck is complex and requires specialized training to operate since they can be dangerous even during a normal workday. Awareness of risks that workers and operators face can help avoid injury and damages to equipment. Some common risks and hazards to be aware of as an operator include:

  • Falls – Even from as little as five feet up a worker can suffer from broken bones.
  • Tipovers and collapses.
  • Getting struck by falling objects.
  • Getting caught between the equipment and fixed structures.
  • Being knocked out of a bucket.
  • Electrocution or injury from electric shock.
  • Equipment malfunction that strands worker

In the event that your truck bucket gets stuck in the air, the very first consideration is to get the worker out of the bucket right away to avoid injury. You can extract a stranded worker by dispatching another truck if the provided backup systems such as the backup pump or emergency lowering valve fail. It is also important that you send a road mechanic to help bring the unit back down to the truck.

The lifting equipment and all components should be immediately repaired after a thorough check to make sure all related issues are identified.

The best way to avoid this kind of issue, as well as any other malfunctions, is to conduct a daily pre-start inspection that will verify all equipment and working components are in safe operating condition. Aerial devices should not be in operation if any of the following components are defective, and the equipment should be taken out of use until proper repairs are made. An inspection should include:

  • Vehicle Components
    • Proper fluid levels or fluid leaks, wheels and tires, battery and charger, level-lowering controls, gauges and lights, horn and backup alarms, steering, and brakes.
  • Lift Components
    • Operating and emergency controls, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), systems (hydraulic, air, pneumatic, fuel & electrical), placards, instructional material, warnings, mechanical fasteners and locking pins, cable and wiring harnesses, outriggers, stabilizers, and other structures, guardrail systems.

The Utility Equipment Service team has one goal in mind: Quality comes first. Call us today for help with inspection and repair for all your equipment. We take pride in providing our clients with the very best service.