Versatile Digger Derricks


When you have a job that requires both digging and lifting, there’s no better piece of equipment than a digger derrick. These versatile machines are the ultimate in multitasking equipment. Adding trucks like digger derricks to your fleet of bucket trucks in Nashville and beyond will allow you to work efficiently and safely.

The Ultimate Versatile Trucks

Digger derricks can do the work of a bucket truck Nashville business owners rely on, while adding the ability to dig holes that are up to 18 inches deep. Not only can they lift your crews for aerial tasks, but the hydraulic auger can also bore holes into a variety of terrains and environments. In addition, digger derricks save you time and money by eliminating the need for extra equipment and allowing one crew to do both lifting and digging jobs at the same time.

Our Fleet of Digger Derricks

Here at Utility Equipment Service, we sell high-quality digger derricks for use across various industries, including:

Our digger derricks are available in a range of sizes and models to fit any application. We sell work-ready trucks from top brands like Altec and Terex. Each truck meets or exceeds all ANSI requirements and is truck D.O.T. inspected by our extremely skilled service technicians. We also offer flexible financing options to fit your needs.

Our Core Values

At Utility Equipment Services, our core values of quality, integrity, and relationships are at the heart of every service we offer. Whether you’re interested in purchasing the best quality digger derricks or bucket trucks Nashville has to offer, rentals, or repair, we are driven by our core values across every aspect of our business.

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