We know that the proper and safe operation of your utility vehicle is always at the very top of your list of concerns. Today we would like to share information and tips that can help you with regards to your utility truck inspections. 

In addition to keeping your maintenance records up to date, you will want to be aware of annual inspection dates and requirements for each individual truck or aerial device by referencing the decals provided by the dealer or manufacturer for that purpose. Here at Utility Equipment Service, we always highly encourage our clients to follow manufacturer recommendations for any new or used truck that has an aerial device. Each vehicle is provided with an Operator’s Maintenance Manual that will include all the information and instructions you need to keep your truck in prime operating condition. 

Any operator should be doing an inspection of their utility truck before getting out on the road on a daily basis. They should be following the instructions given in the maintenance manual. Here are a few telltale signs that your vehicle needs to be inspected:

When it comes to inspections, you can rely on our team here at Utility Equipment Service to take care of your needs. You can schedule an annual or one-time inspection to check out possible developing issues. Inspections can be done right here with us at our facility or on the job site. An annual inspection can usually be completed in approximately three hours. 

Keep in mind that it is sometimes necessary to refer a situation to the manufacturer of the truck. If you have an aerial device that needs an inspection, we can get you the service that you need as we work on all different brands.

We will be sharing more information in the future that focuses on different types of aerial devices, as well as taking a closer look at cranes, diggers, and bucket trucks, to include both high-voltage electrical and non-electrical use. Contact Utility Equipment Service today for all your utility vehicle needs!