Utility Equipment Trailers

What Are Reel Trailers?

Reel trailers have many different applications and they are usually used by utility contractors and power utility companies. They may be fitted with spindle bars, safety chains, and more depending on the specifications of the job. They are considered customizable. Tension breaks, pole carriers, and rotating turrets may also be features of the trailer. They come in different shapes, sizes, weights, can be single or multi-reel, and are a good choice for when a job needs to get done quickly. Reel trailers come in materials that stand the test of time such as aluminum, bronze, and galvanized steel.

What Are Pole Trailers?

We at Utility Equipment Service Inc are proud to have high-quality pole trailers in our inventory. These trailers are durable and equipped for vigorous work such as the transportation of large poles and other large items in a safe and efficient manner. Purchasing your own pole trailer, as opposed to renting one whenever it is needed, is a cost-effective solution for many businesses.

Industries That Benefit

Certain industries require the transportation of large items such as poles. When it comes time to move equipment like that, high-quality transportation is needed. Reel and pole trailers are what’s needed for this feat. Some of the industries that utilize these trailers include:

A Wise Investment

If treated with proper care and regular maintenance, having your own trailer is a great investment for your company. With how often the equipment is required, both time and money are saved in the long run by owning, as opposed to renting. Ensure that these trailers are being used to transport equipment, as opposed to people, and that you are checking the quality of the tires and parts on a regular basis in order to reap all the benefits that these trailers have to offer. View our selection of trailers below and contact us with any additional questions you have about our inventory or our fleet service in Nashville.