As we move into 2020, it’s prime time to prep for the work to come. The winter has done damage to property around the area, and public locations are going to need assistance in getting back to normal. Here at Utility Equipment Service, our focus is often on municipal projects, and we maintain a fleet of machinery built specifically for projects of this kind, such as:

All of your trucks and vehicles should be inspected now at the turn of the year so that your business can be in prime readiness for spring cleanup. Ensure that all your daily, weekly, and monthly inspection logs are completed correctly and that everyone is following proper procedures. Revisit your inspection procedures to make sure they are clear and thorough, and revamp where needed. All mandatory inspections should be current at this time, with all harness cables and lines intact and in the best shape possible. 

The Utility Equipment Service team always has one goal in mind: Quality! And with our company, quality comes first. This means that from the moment you contact one of our staff until you walk into our offices you will be impressed with the quality of service you receive as our customer. We take pride in providing each and every one of our clients with the high-quality service that they deserve. 

Each of our service technicians has an extensive background working with every make or model of truck or aerial device, so our customers will be able to receive assistance with any equipment service or repair needs, as well as inspection services. Our road technicians are highly skilled as well and are ready to service your fleet, aerials, diggers, cranes, etc., whether it’s at your own location or at our facility here in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Let us help you with your municipal projects as you get ready for the year to come and make it the best year yet!