Utility Commercial Equipment



We are proud of the partners that we work with! We’ve built strong relationships in order to provide our customers with the highest quality equipment possible. If you’re curious about our partners, read below to learn a little bit about what they offer at Utility Equipment Service Inc.

BuiltRite Handlers and Attachments

BuiltRite Handlers and Attachments offers products such as Stationary Electric Materials Handlers and Truck Mounted Material Handlers, as well as attachments. We value them as they offer buckets, material handlers, and combos for us!


Dur-A-Lift is our saving grace in terms of bucket truck rentals! They’ve been in business since 1969 and know the ins and outs of both the industry and everything bucket trucks.

Tommy Gate

Tommy Gate provides exceptional commercial, private, and industrial hydraulic lifts. They focus heavily on the well-being of their customers — something that we always strive to do at Utility Equipment Service Inc.


Knaphide is the first of three truck body partners that we work with. They’ve been offering easy transportation solutions for over a century! The majority of work trucks you see today have been manufactured by the professionals at Knaphide.


Switch-N-Go offers first-rate, unique detachable truck body systems. Their products make changing work bodies simple and efficient.

CM Truck Beds

CM Truck Beds prides itself on being a reliable company, as well as providing original and sleek truck bodies. Their products are easy to use and durable.

Ampliroll Hooklift Systems

Ampliroll Hooklift Systems is our go-to for cost-effective, adaptable, and proven hooklift systems. They guarantee a long lifespan for their products — at least 25 years.

Roose Trailers

Our partnership with Roose Trailers mainly revolves around their heavy-duty cable reel trailers. With their wide range of options, you are sure to find the right equipment for your fleet.

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers also have an array of attractive and sturdy options in terms of trailers, which is why we are happy to call them a partner. Their equipment is suitable for many different industries.

Venco Venturo Industries LLC

Venco Venturo Industries LLC works with us to bring hardworking individuals products such as ET Series truck cranes, HT Series truck cranes, and mast cranes. You are sure to find suitable equipment from their line!

Sage Oil Vac

Looking for mobile lube equipment such as a lube truck, lube trailer, or lube skid line, that offers exceptionally clean fluid exchange? We can offer you anything from the entire line of Sage Oil Vac products.


BOSS prioritizes design when it comes to snow plows. They understand that effective equipment takes time to create. They create everything from truck plows to snow and ice removal equipment.


For commercial van shelving and storage, we turn to Sortimo. If you’re in middle Tennessee, we’re the only place you can locate these high-quality products.


We partner with Ring-O-Matic for vacuum excavation equipment, as well as pit-cleaners. With an innovative line of products, they ensure that their customers’ experience is smooth.