It’s no secret that even the best, well-maintained hydraulic systems require attention and repair at some point. Hydraulic services are often the responsibility of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). However, the expiry of your warranty shifts the burden to you as the end-user to maintain the parts. It would be in your best interest to find the right repair shop for your hydraulic maintenance and repair needs.

Repair. Rebuild. Remanufacturing.

The repair rebuild remanufacturing concept has a firm footing within the hydraulic service industry. The phenomenon builds on enhancing the durability and economic value of the products.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Hydraulic Services Provider

With over 3000 hydraulic service companies in the nation, you might need extra insight on choosing the right repair shop for your truck fleet services. Here are four tips that may guide you in the selection process:


The target of repairs and rebuilds is to make the failed components as good as new. It means working to meet the manufacturer’s standards for service through following ISO 9001 guidelines. The shop you choose should have the capacity to diagnose the problem as well as offer quality maintenance services. Check if the provider has access to the manufacturer’s dynamic specifications for the new components.


The technical capabilities of the staff will determine the quality of service you will get. Most hydraulic repair companies undertake frequent in-house training of their technicians. The training workshops help acquaint the team with today’s sophisticated controls and software in diagnostic equipment. The skilled technician can then perform a knowledgeable test and repair for your hydraulic machine.

Up-To-Date Diagnostic Machinery

The best repair shops invest in state-of-the-art equipment with testing capabilities that match those of the OEMs. With technology in hydraulics becoming complex, the shops may require newer systems. The latest equipment comes with integrated electric, digital, and CAN bus controls for better inspection, calibration, and testing.


The cost of hydraulic repair and rebuilding varies greatly. The prices depend on the skillset of the technicians and whether you require a rework or replacement service. The parts used in hydraulic services also determine the final price. While you may prefer OEM parts, the models may be available at a higher cost. Find a repair shop that will offer value for money, and if possible genuine aftermarket replacement parts.

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