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Builtrite™ Handlers and Attachments

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Builtrite™ Handlers and Attachments offers three main product lines that are marketed under the Builtrite™ Brand. These include a full line of Stationary Electric Material Handlers, Truck Mounted Material Handlers (Knuckleboom Loaders) and a full complement of Attachments for not only our equipment but those of other manufacturers. These heavy-duty material handlers can be stationed at your scrap or auto yard or they can be mounted to your truck for a mobile component to help handle all types of materials on-the-go. UES represents the entire line of Builtrite™ Handlers and Attachments products including the stationary electric material handlers, truck mounted material handlers, attachment, and the auto dismantling system.

From railroads to cable reels to any type of material, Builtrite™ Handlers are the most durable and efficient products on the market!

Builtrite excavator claw attachments SAS Forks installed on excavator eyelet forks

We are also a SAS Forks distributor which specializes in manufacturing 6′ to 18′ fork assemblies for use in the auto salvage industry. The SAS team has extensive experience in the auto salvage market, where operators are especially hard on their equipment, and has helped them develop insights into other industry segments which demand performance from their forks in the most extreme environments.  SAS FORKS and attachments are manufactured to fit many types of equipment, including wheel loaders, excavators and forklifts(fork trucks). We engineer custom products for telehandlers, skid steers and backhoes.

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